John's Match Reports 2017/18


Saturday 10/3/18 & Sunday 11/3/18

Well, the first week of the finals turned out to be the last week of the finals, as all teams who made it were defeated.  All the training and hard work went down the gurgler, but, as the old saying goes, there is always next year.

DIVISION ONE     V     Port Adelaide     lost 1-2

This was a terrific game, dominated by the two pitchers (Gary Owens for us) and really could have gone either way in the end.  We got our only run early, after Gary and Dylan both rattled the fence.  As per usual, we left runners stranded on a number of occasions, and gifted Port their only runs by virtue of a couple of walks.  Our hitting was not up to the usual standard, but neither was Ports', due to the pitcher's dominance.  Hits  :  Gary Owens and Dylan Child one each.

DIVISION ONE     V     Port Adelaide     Lost 3-9     Game two

Willy was on the mound and was looking confident, and our guys got one on the board early, but gave up the lead in the second.  In the third, there was a magnificent double play when a Port batter bunted, Matty picked it up from third, got the out at first, and Kuhna threw it to third where the catcher - Dylan - made the out.  We squared the game in the fifth when Dylan got hit, Matty walked, Abby laid down a sac bunt and Dylan got home, and they really sat up and took notice when Willy slammed one into the wind high over left field.  But in the bottom of the seventh, we made hard work of getting the third out, and Willy, fighting real hard, walked in their go ahead run, and the Maggies got a sniff and went on with it from there.  Willy came off, and Will K got a taste of  finals ball, and Morgan Ruchel came into the game late also for his first go at the big time.  Hits  :  Matt Austin 2, Dylan Child, Nick Kuhn, Wilson Lee (HR), Todd Dunstall 1.

DIVISION TWO     v     Sturt     lost 8-10

A Morgan Ruchel home run behind good batting got us a 3-0 lead, but a match losing innings of seven runs in the second gave Sturt the initiative, and try as we did, we just couldn't claw it back.  Nathan Nicholson put out the fire, but the bats didn't wake up till the sixth when Troy, Nathan, Wade and Chappy all hit to score, Morgan rattled the fence, a balk scored one, and Willy homered.  The momentum switch was on, but a two run bomb by the Saints put paid to that.  Hits  :  Troy Nicholson, Morgan Ruchel (HR) 3. Wilson Lee (HR), Nathan Nicholson, Wade Moore, Andrew Chapman 1.

DIVISION THREE     v     Glenelg     lost 1-9

The team was missing some important personnel due to other commitments, and would normally be right up to it against the Bays.  Things just did not go their way, and the defeat knocked them out of the premiership race.


Saturday 3.3.18 & Sunday 4.3.18

DIVISION ONE     v     Kensington at Don Klaebe Field 4.03.18     Lost 2-11

This was the last minor round game of the season and we were pitted against the only team that we had not scored a victory over all year.  We didn't get much joy here, as we were well beaten by a side that hit really well when it counted.  A poor start did not help matters, as Willy started off by walking in a run, but Eric got us back into it by plastering a home run off their starter, who had come in from the cold from Canada, needing the game to qualify for finals.  The scores remained relatively close for a few innings, until some of their big hitters let loose, and our boys could not match their intensity.  Willy let Jordy take over on the mound, but their bats continued on their way.  The loss saw us drop slightly on the ladder, but not alarmingly, and we remain in the finals beginning next week.  Bring 'em on !  Hits : Eric Brenk (HR), Nick Kuhn, Thomas DeWolf, Troy Nicholson, Jordy Grose 1.

DIVISION TWO     v     Kensington at Don Klaebe Field 4.03.18     Lost 4-7

Will Kortekaas had the start, and was cruising until he was put over the fence in the second, but good batting by Shane Allen scored two, then Morgan got on base, Sam and Nat hit to score again and Joe Papps doubled in fine fashion.  A highlight was Craig Abbott depriving one of their bats a home run by taking a catch over the fence at left field. The Cards got in front with long hits, and we had plenty of chances but were guilty of leaving too many runners stranded on base.  Will K made way for Jack Higginbotham - one sixteen year old for another, amply showing our youth.  The loss toppled us off the top of the table, but, like Div One, we are raring to go in the first week of finals next week.  Hits : Sam Zaccone, Shane Allen 2, Nat Nicholson, Joe Papps 1.

DIVISION THREE     v     West Torrens away 3.03.18     Lost 1-9

First week of finals for the boys, and they went in with high hopes, and looked pretty good in the early going, but failed to sustain it for the nine inning game.  In the first, Jesse T made it to third before being left on, in the second Rick Mitchell hit to first but no-one hit behind him, in the third Jesse W made first, Jesse T sac bunt and a balk got him to third and Toddy Height got him home.  That was all she wrote as far as our scoring was concerned, and the Eagles' bats took over from this point, with only one hit coming from our top six batters.  Rick Mitchell pitched well, relieved by Toddy H.  Jesse Whinnen again performed, taking a great catch.  We are still in the finals, having picked up a wild card, and take on the Bays next week.  Hits : Jesse Whinnen 3, Darren Annear, Rick Mitchell 1.

UNDER 13     v     Sturt away $.03.18     Lost 10-14

This gallant group travelled to the Sturt ground for a 9.00am start, and almost pulled off a remarkable win against the top team in their first taste of finals baseball.  Congratulations to all concerned, and let's hope it is the start of good things ahead.


Saturday 24/2/18 & Sunday 25/2/18

DIVISION ONE     Game 1     v     Sth Districts away     WON 7-6

We badly wanted two wins from this double header encounter down south to consolidate our finals berth and breathe a little easier.  And win we did after getting off to a good start after Willy put up a sac fly to score the first.  Willy was involved in a nail biter a couple of innings later when he got himself in a bit of a jam by loading the bases with none out - and then nonchalantly striking out three - no runs.  The Hawks' man then lost his radar and walked one in and Matty's double made it 4-1, then Eric got Chappie home after a fielding muck-up, and a passed ball got us another.  Tom crossed the plate courtesy of a Dylan sac fly, and Willy sat down to allow Tom and Will K to bring us home.  We gave ourselves a mild fright by letting in a couple, but prevailed in the end.  Hits : Wilson Lee 2, Eric Brenk, Nick Kuhn, Todd Dunstall 1.

DIVISION ONE     Game 2     v     Sth Districts away     WON 14-6

In the third with Todd and Eric on, Tom made it three zip with a homer, and two pitches later Gary pushed it out to four.  Jordy, meanwhile, was enjoying his time on the mound, pitching well and enjoying having a magnificent defence behind him, missing nothing.  Eric hit a triple and Spech got him home and next dig scored two with a bleeder, and got home courtesy of a huge fielding blunder.  A grand slam off a Hawk bat made their day, but Dylan's two run homer late in the day sealed their fate, and then he drove in two more with one that bounced off the fence.  Everybody was getting in on the act at this stage, hitting seemingly at will.  Gary gave Jordy a breather late, and mopped up well.  Hits : Eric Brenk 4, Dylan Child (HR) 3, Thoman DeWolf (HR), Gary Owens (HR), Todd Dunstall 2, Nick Kuhn, Matt Austin, Andrew Chapman.

DIVISION TWO     v     Sth Districts away     Lost 1-13

Sitting on top of the ladder, looking for a good win, we certainly didn't see this coming.  Could have been the 10.00 am starting time - surely not complacency - that did it.  Who knows.  Giving up six in the first dig was a disaster, and it did not improve with errors multiplying as the game went on.  Nat Nicholson came on late and stemmed the tide somewhat.. We have consolidated our spot in the finals, and after playing Kensington next week in the last round, look forward to competing.  Hits : Nat Nicholson, Sam Zaccone 2, Darren Annear, Scott Knudsen, Shane Allen 1.

DIVISION THREE.  They have made the finals again, starting next week, so look out !  Like to see as many as possible at the West Torrens ground on Saturday at 2.00pm for the first of, hopefully, the finals campaign.  Beat Sth Dist in a hard fought game 9-5 with hits coming from David Lodge 3, Todd Height, Darren Annear, Jye Height 2, Rick Mitchell, Troy Kortekaas, Jesse Whinnen, Ben Murton 1.  Draw 12-12

DIVISION FOUR.  Finished out of contention for finals, but finished the season with a commendable draw 12-12 against Sth Dist.  Hits  :  Jesse Whinnen 4, Troy Kortekaas 3. Joel Benham, Brodie Usher 2, Dan Hurst, Vic Benveltzen, Carly Moore, Risa Nykashima 1.

DIV SIX lost to West Torrens 4-9 to end their season, and DIV SEVEN went down to third placed Kensington 13-14 in the last play of the day to also end their season.  Hits  :  Flash, Watto, Marty 3, Behr, Hayley 2, Ding and Tim 1.

JUNIORS  :  No finals participation this season, but we wait with anticipation for the future.  U17 had an admirable draw 8-8 against Sth Dist, U15 lost 7-20, U13 narrowly lost 5-6 and the U11 went down 0-15.


Tuesday 13/2/18, Saturday 17/2/18 & Sunday 18/2/18

DIVISION ONE     Twilight @ Don Klaebe Field     13.2.18     v     Nth. Districts.    WON 10-0.

Our first inning proved fruitful with Eric hitting to get on base and Willy bringing him home with a double, and coming home himself courtesy of a Gary triple.  We were not finished and Todd scored Gary, and then crossed the plate on Troy's double.  The second was similar after Eric's second hit - he scored when Tom homered - number seventeen for the season.  Gary got into the act and cleared the fence (again) and Eric continued to get bat on ball and knocked up getting RBI's.  Meanwhile, Willy was proving to be a huge handfull for the Reds' boys, and came off in the last to let Tom mop up.  Defence was immaculate.  Hits  : Eric Brenk, Gary Owens (HR) 3, Wilson Lee, Tom DeWolf (HR), Todd Dunstall, Troy Nicholson, Shane Allen 1.

DIVISION  ONE     Game one of double header     v     East Torrens @ Don Klaebe Field     Lost 4-5

We started slowly, and let the Redsox get five on the board before we began a late charge on the back of another Tom home run.  But we ran out of chances in this seven innings game, and recorded a disappointing loss - not ideal at this stage of the season.  Gary, Jordy and Will K shared the pitching duties, and the hits were Tom DeWolf 2, Nick Kuhn, Matt Austin 1.

DIVISION ONE     Game two of double header     v     East Torrens @ Don Klaebe Field     WON 14-1

We really turned the tables on them with an emphatic performance notching up twenty hits, and backing up Willy's great effort on the mound. That is until he copped a return hit straight on to his shin and had to limp off, replaced by Tom who also came off inconvenienced by a whack on the back earlier in the game.  Dakota then took over and pitched well.  We now had five players on the bench nursing injuries.  Willy's homer in the first scored three, and a couple of digs later, Tom did similar.  We were running right away with it at this stage and everybody got into the act.  Hits  :  Todd Dunstall (MVP) 4, Eric Brenk, Wilson Lee (HR) 3, Gary Owens, Dylan Child, Matt Austin 2, Nick Kuhn, Tom DeWolf (HR), Craig Abbott, Scott Knudsen 1.

DIVISION TWO     v     East Torrens @ Don Klaebe Field     WON 18-1

 They got their only run in the first as Jack was finding his groove, and find it he did, giving nothing away in a great display till Dakota took over.  A Morgan Ruchel triple set the scene, and a Troy Nicho double kept the momentum going, and everyone was hitting, capped off by a long home run off the bat of Sammy Zaccone.  Twenty hits were recorded, with Joe Papps notching a double, Todd also, as well as Morgan.  D got to third with an inspired run, knocking the score up to eighteen.  Hits : Todd Dunstall, Morgan Ruchel, Troy Nicholson, Nat Nicholson, Scott Knudsen 3,Sam Zaccone (HR), Joe Papps 2, Darren Annear 1.

DIVISION THREE     v East Torrens.     Draw 2-2

A gutsy, come from behind draw, keeping the finals firmly in sight.   Hits :  Darren Annear, Ben Murton 2, Jesse Toepher, Rick Mitchell, Troy Kortekaas, Jesse Whinnen 1.  The DIV FOUR team had no such luck and went down 2-13.  DIV SIX also lost with Lawrie Moore hitting twice, also Derek Milne, with Kim Bridger and Mike Chemny having a hit each.  DIV SEVEN lost 4-10 to H & G with Nicko 2,Brad, Flash, Behr, Cam (HR), Rev and Watto all having one hit.

JUNIORS  -  Not a win from our four teams.  But we live to fight another day, with the last round of the season coming up next week.



Tuesday 6.2.18, Saturday 10.2.18 & Sunday 11.2.18


DIVISION ONE     Twilight     v     West Torrens     Away     6.02.18     Lost 2-3

This was a tight encounter, with both pitchers on top (Willy in our case), and runs were at a premium.  Our hitters from two to six didn't trouble the scorers at all, it being left to Eric at the top of the lineup, and Chappy and Nathan at the bottom to get bat on ball.  However, we did get the first run of the game after Eric scored, but the Eagles equalled immediately, only to see us sneak in front again after Shane Allen sort of bunted and Eric's hit scored the run in the fifth.  They equalled again, but got in front on our mistakes.  Disciplined batting was required, and we left too many runners stranded on base.  Hits  :  Andrew Chapman 3, Eric Brenk 2, Nathan Nicholson 1.

DIVISION ONE     Away     v     Goodwood     10.02.18     Lost 3-9

We went into this game with a two zip record against them since Xmas, looking to make it a clean sweep - but no good.  The ultra consistent Eric got a walk first up and Kuhna advanced him and made first, but in a repeat of last game we left them out there.  Bleeders are a curse, and the Indians scored their first following two of them, but then a bomb in the third put them four up.  We had our moment of joy when Gary homered with two

DIVISION TWO     Away     v     Goodwood     10.02.18     Lost 1-4.

So - we were on top of the ladder, playing the team in second last place.  This seemed to be a case of complacency, as we got one up in the first when Todd led off and got home - our only run of the game.  We walked in their first run to tie up the game, and after Jack departed, Matty walked in a couple more. The Coaches made it known that this was not up to our standards. Down to second place, and a home final could be in jeopardy.  Hits  :  Todd Dunstall 3, Troy Nicholson, Craig Abbott 1.

DIV THREE  -  Won 7-5 in a come from behind nail biter.  Down for most of the day, they rallied on the back of a base clearing triple by Vic Benveltzen, and then got to the lead after a hit by Rick Mitchell scored the winning two. Rick did a good job on the mound and was relieved by Jesse Toepher who closed them out with six strikeouts.  Finals are still happening.

DIV FOUR lost, DIV SIX lost after leading most of the game, with Adam Lodge getting three hits, Derek Milne two, and Garth Lodge, Mike Chemny and Casey Moore all one   But the news of the week is DIV SEVEN, who had their biggest win in their short history (second season) 18-1.  Flash led the way with three hits, ably backed up by the pitching of Behr who had two hits along with Watto, and Brad Crosby, Marty Douglas and Cam Britcher had one.  Timmy R unfortunately couldn't emulate his feat of the previous game, when he crossed the plate for his first time.

Under 19 - game heated out on the Wednesday evening, And both Under 17's and Under 15's had the weekend off with byes.  Under 13"s lost 4-9 but the kids did really well, a highlight being Zane O'Brians triple.  The Under 11's lost narrowly. 



Tuesday 31/1/18, Saturday 3/2 & Sunday 4/2/18

DIVISION ONE     Twilight     v     Glenelg @ DSP     31.01.18     WON 9-2

It looked good right from the get-go when Eric hit, Kuhna walked and Gary put a bomb over to score three.  Their pitcher then walked in our fourth, and Eric, in his second at bat in the first dig, smashed a double to make it 6-0.  Willy's hit in the second made it seven, and a Dylan double saw the back of their man at 8-0.   Meanwhile, Willy was having no trouble on the mound, and their new pitcher showed a bit more control and quietened us a tad, although in the fourth Dylan and Huppo combined to get our ninth.  Tom threw the last to complete our sweep of the Bays this season.  Hits :  Eric Brenk, Dylan Child 2, Gary Owens (HR), Wilson Lee, Craig Abbott, Liam Huppatz 1.

DIVISION ONE     v     GGCD @ Don Klaebe Field     4.02.18     WON 8-1

Still smarting after giving up a game to the Dodgers earlier in the season, we started slowly, until Dylan knocked one out of the park in the second, followed by Abby's hit that just bounced over for a two bagger.  Then, in the fourth, Special K scored Huppo, Tom walked (again) and a Gary sac fly made it 3-0, and Willy got yet another RBI.  Jordy sat down after six good innings, and Will K took up the reins seamlessly.  But wait, there's more - Chappy, who has been batting quietly of late, came to the plate late in the game and hit a home run and a double.  Great stuff.  Hits :  Andrew Chapman (HR), Wilson Lee 3, Nick Kuhn 2, Eric Brenk, Thomas DeWolf, Dylan Child (HR), Craig Abbott 1.

DIVISION TWO     v     GGCD @ Don Klaebe Field     4.02.18     WON 14-1

A very comfortable win, maintaining our top of the table status, with everyone getting in on the act and hitting, seemingly, at will.  Morgan Ruchel got us going with a nice double, and Abbeys single scored two.  Nat Nicho's hit to the outfield got two, and a Sammy Z double and a Pappsy hit all scored runs. The boys were clocking up RBI's at a rate of knots, whilst Jack Higginbotham was in complete control in the centre.  He had a rest, and Dakota finished them off in fine fettle.  Nathan then hit another homer to bring in three, and it was all over red rover.  Hits:  Darren Annear 3, Todd Dunstall, Nathan Nicholson (HR), Craig Abbott, Sam Zaccone 2, Morgan Ruchel, Shane Allen, Joe Papps 1.

DIV THREE  -  Keeping their finals hopes alive by having a belter of a win over GGCD up in the Northern suburbs 13-2.  Rick Mitchell kept them at bay, and the hits were : Jesse Toepfer 3, Ben Murton (HR), Troy Kortekaas, Rick Mitchell, Deyton Mitchell 2, Vic Benveltzen, Callum Robinson, Jesse Whinnen, Dan Hurst 1.

DIV FOUR  -  Another good win against GGCD 19-13.  Hits :  Two each to Dayton Mitchell, Troy Kortekaas, Vic Benveltzen, Dan Hurst, Rodney Jarrett, and one hit to Carley Moore (the catcher), Louise Bartle and Hunter Mitchell.

DIV SIX  -  also recorded a good win over the Tigers with nearly all hitting.  Three to Garth Lodge, and two to Brodie Usher, Lawrie Moore, Kim Bridger, Mike Chemny, and Derek Milne.  Aaron Petros, Shane Lodge, Craig Mortimore, Casey Moore and Adam Lodge all got one.

U19 had a twilight game at DSP during the week and lost 1-5 to the Bays with Josh Mignone getting the only safe hit.

The Under 17's lost to GGCD, and the Under 15's went down to the top team.  Under 13's had a drawn game and the Under 11's had a good win, and are showing vast improvement.

Tuesday 23/1/18 & Saturday 27/1/18

Just the two games this week, a midweek twilight game against Port Adelaide and a heat shortened early start game against West Torrens.  All other fixtures were cancelled due to the heat policy.

DIVISION ONE     Twilight away    v     Port Adelaide     23.01.18     Lost 0-2

We unfortunately didn't make the most of our opportunities in the early running, being gifted a few walks but leaving three on base with no score. The Maggies scored in the second, and they changed pitchers because of the previous walks, and he took control and didn't give our boys a sniff.  In fact, two hits for the game, both from Todd Dunstall, told the story.  Poor old Wade Moore copped a nasty finger injury and had to be replaced - broken in two places.  Another unearned run put them two up, and we could not bridge the gap.  Willy Lee was the pitcher.

DIVISION ONE     away     v     West Torrens     27.01.2018     Lost 2-6

It looked ok after Kuhna walked, Tom singled and stole, and Kuhna scored.  They equalled, but Nathan Nicholson in his 400th game for the Club brought in a run.  Well done Nathan.  We did ourselves a bit of damage in the fourth with some sloppy defence and they got a quick three, and then a further run put us behind the eight-ball at 2-6.  Once again, as in the previous game, our bats couldn't get wood on ball when it mattered.  Gary pitched all six innings.  Hits  :  Matty Austin 2, Eric Brenk, Nick Kuhn, Tom DeWolf 1. 




Tuesday 18/1/18,  Saturday 20/1/18 & Sunday 21/1/18

DIVISION ONE     Twilight at DSP     v     Goodwood     18.01.18     WON 5-3

This encounter was the Willy v Fidge show, with Willy winning by a KO.  We didn't score until the second, when Gary walked, stole and got home.  There were a few heated moments, but all settled down and Willy came storming home on a Nat Nicholson long hit and Eric then scored Dylan, who then did the right thing in the next dig an got Tom to the plate.  During all this time, Willy was amassing seven K's in a fine effort, and Nat N took advantage of the pitching by knocking one over.  Hits :  Wilson Lee, Nathan Nicholson (HR), Dylan Child 2, Eric Brank, Troy Nicholson, Craig Abbott 1.

DIVISION ONE     At DSP     v     Northern Districts     20.01.18     WON 11-1 (Mercy

Just the two games this week, a midweek twilight game against Port Adelaide and a heat shortened early start game against West Torrens.  All other fixtures were cancelled due to the heat policy.


DIVISION ONE     Twilight away    v     Port Adelaide     23.01.18     Lost 0-2

We unfortunately didn't make the most of our opportunities in the early running, being gifted a few walks but leaving three on base with no score. The Maggies scored in the second, and they changed pitchers because of the previous walks, and he took control and didn't give our boys a sniff.  In fact, two hits for the game, both from Todd Dunstall, told the story.  Poor old Wade Moore copped a nasty finger injury and had to be replaced - broken in two places.  Another unearned run put them two up, and we could not bridge the gap.  Willy Lee was the pitcher.

DIVISION ONE     away     v     West Torrens     27.01.2018     Lost 2-6

It looked ok after Kuhna walked, Tom singled and stole, and Kuhna scored.  They equalled, but Nathan Nicholson in his 400th game for the Club brought in a run.  Well done Nathan.  We did ourselves a bit of damage in the fourth with some sloppy defence and they got a quick three, and then a further run put us behind the eight-ball at 2-6.  Once again, as in the previous game, our bats couldn't get wood on ball when it mattered.  Gary pitched all six innings.  Hits  :  Matty Austin 2, Eric Brenk, Nick Kuhn, Tom DeWolf 1. 




It's never an easy game baseball, but our guys made it look that way with a good win, with everyone on the field doing their bit in a comprehensive manner.  A three run bomb in the first off Gary's bat showed the way, and in the third Kuhna got home after his double when Tom cleared the fence.  Next inning, Willy doubled and Matty scored him, and then in the fifth, with Gary and Tom on, Willy's double scored them.  Abbey singled, and it was a case of how far when the Umps called it a day after seven.  Jordy Grose, who hadn't put a foot wrong on the mound all game, came off in the last, and Troy Nicholson saw us home.  Hits  :  Gary Owens (HR) 3, Eric Brank, Wilson Lee, Matt Austin 2, Nick Kuhn, Thomas DeWolf (HR), Craig Abbott 1.

DIVISION TWO     at DSP     v     Northern Districts     20.01.18     WON 8-1

After we got one in the first, Liam Huppatz gave us a highlight in the third when his big hit out to right centre let him complete a home run in the park. Will K was in good form, only giving up two walks, the first of which was in the fourth.  The score got out to 6-0 when the Reds developed a case of the fumbles, but our boys just kept on hitting.  Nice triple by Todd, and after Dylan got him home, Chappy doubled and scored on Scotty's triple.  Hits  :  Dylan Child 3, Liam Huppatz, Andrew Chapman 2, Todd Dunstall, Scott Knudsen, Sal Zaccone, Joe Papps 1.

Fantastic to see Jimmy Child back on his feet and in the stands watching. (You too D)

DIV THREE  also had a good win over the Reds 11-1, and are on track for a finals appearance.

DIV FOUR won, also by a large margin, with finals looking a bit grim at this stage.

DIV SIX lost, but the guys got in some good hits with Derek Milne getting two, along with Adam Lodge and Chris O'Brien, whilst Keith Mortimore, Mick Chemny, Craig Mortimore and Josh Mignone all one.

DIV SEVEN went down to the undefeated East Torrens. A hard ask.

Under 17's, had a fantastic win 11-4 and dragged themselves a bit further up the ladder.

U15 & U13 both lost, but the little champs in the U11's got over East Torrens 6-2.  Go you good things.


Tuesday 9th, Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th January 2018


Twilight     v     Sturt     Away 9.01.18     WON 4-1.     DIVISION ONE.

With just the bare nine to kick off the game, what with players away with Nationals and holidays etc, this win was most meritorious.  Playing in his 200th Club game, young Joe Papps displayed his coolness, taking two good catches in the outfield.  After the first dig, when all runs were scored, it was a pitchers' game, and our guy, Gary Owens, got the bickies.  In the first, Troy Nicho hit a nice line drive, followed by another from Tom and Gary scored Troy, which led to Willy coming to the plate and clearing the fence to make it 4-0.  They got one in the bottom of the inning, and that was all she wrote as far as scoring was concerned.  Gary had a breather after six and Tom did the rest.  Credit to the team, in what was an errorless performance.  Hits : Thomas DeWolf 2, Troy Nicholson, Gary Owens, Wilson Lee (HR), Wade Moore 1.

Away     v     Kensington     14.01.18     Lost 1-3.     DIVISION ONE.

With Willy unfortunately away on Bite duties and a number still at the Nationals, we took on the Cardinals at their ground, and had trouble all day finding the gaps, in what was a low scoring affair with both pitchers doing the job.  It fell to Gary again to start, and the Cards got two in the second, and it wasn't until late in the game that we got on the scoreboard with a skier from Tom that was not caught at third, enabling us to score.  Jordy and Tom relieved, and the only hitters were Thomas DeWolf and Shane Allen - one each.

DIV TWO     Away     v     Kensington     14.01.18     WON 7-4.

Benny Murton turned back the clock in a fine five inning performance on the mound, only giving the opposition barely a sniff.  And another name from a while back, Darren Annear, started the ball rolling with a sac fly to score our first runs, after Todd and Jordy hit to get on base, and then Chappy scored a couple more with a big hit.  Kensi loaded the bases late in the game and scored a couple, but Abbey kept them at bay, continuing his good hitting performance for the day.  Matty Austin closed, and the hits were :  Todd Dunstall, Craig Abbott 3, Andrew Chapman 2, Jordy Grose, Darren Annear, Sam Zaccone, Dakota Mitchell 1.

DIV THREE     -     at Home v Kensington     WON 7-3

It was good to get the win, seeing we had to call on our reserves, namely Brenton Annear and Lawrie Moore, to pit ourselves against an opposition that also brought back some blasts from the past.  Lawrie provided the comedy relief with his bunting efforts and immaculate second base putouts.  But bragging rights remain equal at the Annears', with two hits each.  Toddy Height was terrific on the mound, relieved by Jesse Toepfer, and the hits were : Brenton Annear, Callum Robinson, Darren Annear 2, Todd Height, Jye Height, David Lodge, Dan Hurst, Lawrie Moore 1.

DIV FOUR     -     at Home v Kensington     WON 8-4.

The game was a beauty, as well as being a great team effort, it also had a number of highlights.  Firstly, Vic Benveltzen's pitching was superb, as was his two hits for a double and a triple.  Then we had Jesse Whinnen whose catch in the outfield rivalled one of Gary's, and his home run in the park.  Carly Moore completed the highlight package by doing a great job at shortstop, then catching and finding time to get a couple of hits along the way.  Hits : Jesse Whinnen, Vic Benveltzen, Carly Moore 2, Kym Bridger, Joel Benham, Brad Atkinson, Anthony Innace 1.

DIV SIX  came from behind and narrowly missed out 10-12, whilst DIV SEVEN didn't have one of their better days and went down 2-15.

All JUNIORS resume next week.


Tuesday 19/12/2017 & Saturday 6/1/2018

19.12.17     Away      v     Nth Districts     Twilight     WON 7-3

We got away with a win after the Red's boys gave us a bit of a scare late in the game.  A Tom bomb in the first scored two, and that was all in the hitting department for a few innings with both defences on top.  Jordy was being particularly mean through this period, with Eric and Matty both standouts in their spots. A scrappy play got us a run to make it 3-0, but the Northerners squared it up in the seventh to bring us back to reality. In extra innings, they intentionally walked both Tom and Willy, which gave Matty the perfect opportunity, and he took it with a long hit to leftfield to bring in three, and another unearned run gave us the game.. It was then left to Tom to mop up from the mound, which he did 1-2-3.  Hits:  Troy Nicholson, Tom DeWolf (HR), Wilson Lee, Matt Austin,Wade Moore 1

6.1.18     Home at Don Klaebe Field     v     Goodwood     WON 13-7

Due to the heat policy, this game was brought forward to an 11.00 am start with seven innings to be played.  So it was important to get away early,  and that we did when Gary doubled after yet another Tom walk and Willy put one over to make it 3-0.  Shane Allen knocked a hole in the home run fence attempting a catch but it went clean over his head.  Their pitcher got the wobbles and walked a couple, so Gary took full advantage and hit a Grand Slam to make it a decisive lead 8-1.  The Indians kept plugging away and scored four with the aid of a few walks from Willy, but an error at third base let us off the hook and we went on to score a few more to make it a comfortable win on an uncomfortable day.  Hits :  Gary Owens (GSHR), Wilson Lee (HR) 2, Eric Brenk, Troy Nicholson, Nathan Nicholson 1.

No other games were played on this weekend because of the excessive heat, and the Juniors don't resume until Jan 21st.



Tuesday 12th, Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th December, 2017


DIVISION ONE     Twilight v H & Grange at Don Klaebe 12.12.17  Lost 5-7

With the ladder as tight as whatever, it is important to make every post a winner, and not drop any games.  Unfortunately, we did just that against an opponent  that we really should have beaten, walking in runs at a crucial stage in the middle of the game.  Will Kortekaas took to the hill for his first Div One start, and did well for his four and a half innings, before giving way to Dakota and Gary.  After teasing us for weeks by hitting the fence on several occasions, Eric finally got one over (two in fact for the game) and got us going, followed by another Tom bomb in the third.  After falling behind 2-7, we had a mini rally but ran out of innings and fell two short.  Hits:  Eric Brenk (2HR) 2, Troy Nicholson, Tom DeWolf (HR), Wilson Lee 1.


DIVISION ONE     v Adelaide away     WON 11-2

The game was shortened to seven innings due to the heat policy and we started brightly with Kuhna scoring on Gary's hit and a Scotty Knudsen double scored another, Our defence backing up Willy was superb, and after Tom put a biggy over, things quietened briefly, before we got momentum up again.  Tom hit a double, and Gary scored two with a deep hit, then Willy rattled the fence for another and Chappy got himself an RBI with a satisfying hit.  Willy's two run homer in the sixth put the icing on the cake, and Will K closed out the last.  Hits:  Nick Kuhn, Gary Owens 3, Tom DeWolf (HR), Wilson Lee (HR), Todd Dunstall 2, Andrew Chapman, Scott Knudsen 1.


DIVISION TWO   v Adelaide away     WON 6-5

Shane Allen led off and got home courtesy of a Wade Moore hit (his first of four for the day) and a passed ball. Abby's hit scored Wes and a Sammy double got us a couple more. After three it was 6-0 and we put the bats away, and the Angels took advantage and nearly pinched a win.  In the end, the boys stood up and breathed a sigh of relief.  Dakota and Nathan N pitched six, and Eric closed.  Hits:  Wade Moore 4, Nathan Nicholson, Craig Abbott, Sam Zaccone 1. 


DIV THREE  beat Adelaide 13-3, but DIV FOUR went down to the same team 3-20.

DIV SIX had a walk-off win 8-7 (Hits:  Aaron Petros, Lawrie Moore, Casey Moore 2, Derek Milne, Adam Lodge, Keith Mortimore, Josh Mignone and Craig Mortimore one each), but the DIV SEVEN couldn't keep their winning streak alive, losing 3-17.


With all junior games cancelled because of the heat, the only other game was the U19's held on the Wednesday evening.  Unfortunately, the lads lost 13-14 in very unlucky circumstances, coming from behind but getting pipped on the post.


Tuesday 5th, Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th December

Twilight     v     Port Adelaide at Don Klaebe Field Tue 5.12.17     WON 3-2  DIVISION ONE

We got away nicely when Gary scored Eric in the first and it took until the third for the Maggies to catch up.  With Willy looking the goods on the mound, Gary knocked one over, and then a similar hit in the fifth by Tom put us a couple up.  A slight lapse in the field allowed Port to claw one back, but we went on to record the win, with Tom closing.  Hits:  Gary Owens (HR) 2, Eric Brank, Tom DeWolf (HR), Troy Nicholson, Shane Allen 1.

U19 (Don Rice League)  Wed 6.12.17     Lost 3-10

The guys tried hard with DJ Mitchell getting two hits, and Will Kortekaas and Jack Higginbotham one each.

DIVISION ONE     V     West Torrens at Don Klaebe Field Sat 9.12.17     WON 7-5.

The game started slowly scorewise, until an Eagles homer stirred up our bats, and Kuhna scored Eric, and then, in consecutive pitches, Gary and Willy both put the ball out of the park.  Pretty exciting stuff.  Torrens scored a couple of times, and Willy had a spell and let Dakota loose - pitched well and got the win.  A two run homer by Gary equalled the game at 5-5, but a sac fly off Tom's bat got us the winning lead.  Tom then closed in emphatic fashion.  Hits:  Gary Owens 4, Wilson Lee 3,Eric Brenk, Nick Kuhn 2, Wade Moore 1.

DIVISION TWO     V     West Torrens at Don Klaebe Field Sat 9.12.17     WON 8-2.

Troy Nicholson and Willy both hit home runs in the first to set us up nicely, and we cruised until the fourth, when nice base running by Morgan Ruchel scored.  Troy N put his second for the day over, then Wade followed suit, and a nice pair of doubles from Troy and Morgan saw us home.  Jordy did a great job for six, and we got our first look at Eric on the mound - hmm- not bad.  Hits:  Troy Nicholson 3, Morgan Ruchel, Sam Zaccone 2, Jack Higginbotham, Wilson Lee, Wade Moore (HR), Scott Knudsen, Todd Dunstall 1.

DIV THREE & FOUR  -  Both played away and lost 3-5 and 4-11 respectively.  Fours are  well up the ladder, and must keep on the winning list.

DIV SIX  -  A notable win 17-15 in which Derek Milne claimed MVP honours for his magnificent outfield catch (one reminiscent of Gary's), and his six from six.  Hits:  Derek Milne 6, Lawrie Moore 3, Adam Lodge, Keith Mortimore, Nick McCormack 2, Shane Lodge, Craig Mortimore, Josh Mignone, James Stradling, Marty Douglas 1.

DIV SEVEN  -  The excitement machine that is Div Seven did it again to bring home the win 11-8.  Huge improvement all round.  Hits: The Coach - Flash got three as did Noel Watson and Behr, Cam got a couple and so did Ding, while Haley, Brad and Rev each got one.  They scored seven runs in one dig, which is a far cry from last season.  Great stuff.

JUNIORS  -  had a mixed day with the 17's and 15's both losing and the 11's having a bye.  But the good news is that the Under 13's had a great, come from behind victory 10-9 over Goodwood.  Well done Coaches and boys and all concerned.


Tuesday 28th, Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd December, 2017

DIVISION ONE     Twilight     v     Sturt     Lost 0-11     Tue 28.11.17

We took the trip to Sturt with the intention of bringing home the two points, particularly after the big win the previous Sunday, but were soundly beaten in all departments by a big hitting opposition.  Our worst performance for the season.  We appeared to have left our bats at home, only collecting two hits for the game.  Jordy battled away, but they got runs on the board early, and never gave us a sniff.  Hits:  Ben Lodge and Liam Huppatz - one each.

DIVISION ONE     Away     v      H & Grange     Lost 8-12     Sun 3.12.17

The game just got under way and Tom had his first home run on the board.  They levelled on an error and we were lucky it didn't cost us a few more.  Tom got his second, and then they put the shutters up - walks being the order of the day from that point on.  Jordy took over from Dakota and was greeted by a three run homer which gave the Rams the lead but we closed it down on a two RBI hit from Kuhna, and similar from Gary.  Stepping into a foxhole at left field and toppling over, thus missing the catch, proved costly, and we went down with it.  Hits:  Thomas DeWolf (2HR), Gary Owens 2, Eric Brenk, Nick Kuhn, Matt Austin 1.  We used four pitchers - namely Dakota Mitchell, Jordy Grose, Gary Owens and Thomas DeWolf.  

DIVISION TWO     Away     v     H & Grange     WON 12-7     Sun 3.12.17

A good, solid win.  After  Shane Allen set up the first run, Jack Higginbotham uncharacteristically hit two batters in a row, but was good enough to get out of the pickle.  Nathan Nicholson then belted a two run homer, followed by his brother Troy with a two RBI hit and, in quick succession, a Scotty Knudsen bomb and another from Troy, all scoring multiples.  Hits:  Troy Nicholson (HR), Nathan Nicholson (HR) 2, Todd Dunstall, Shane Allen, Scott Knudsen (HR), Sam Zaccone 1.

DIV THREE - Good win over stiff opposition 10-4 with hits coming from Ben Murton, Rick Mitchell, Vic Benveltzen, David Lodge 2, Morgan Ruchel and Deyton Mitchell 1.

DIV FOUR - Lost 4-14, with Jesse Whinnen hitting twice, and one hit each to Dan Hurst, Dayton Mitchell, Nathan Collins, Lawrie Moore and Carly Moore.

DIV  SIX lost 3-25, but the big winners on the day were the mighty DIV SEVEN who notched up yet another great win 17-10, a game in which they scored in every inning. Great job!


Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th November 

DIVISION ONE     Twilight 21.11.17     v     Glenelg at Don Klaebe Field     WON 5-1.

After a great AB in the first dig, Eric hit to get on first, and Benny homered right behind him, followed by a DeWolf special and we were away.  Wes's hit in the fourth scored Gary to make it 4-0 and the Bay boys were getting a wee bit rattled.  Willy got caught on the fence, and Eric bounced one off the top, and with Jordy Grose in control all evening on the mound, backed up by Will Kortekaas at the finish, we cruised to our second win over Glenelg for the season to date.  Hits:  Eric Brank 2, Ben Lodge (HR), Thomas DeWolf (HR), Gary Owens, Wes Hellyer 1.   

UNDER 19 (Don Rice League)     v     Glenelg at Don Klaebe Field  Twilight 22.11.17    Lost 6-15.

Got off to a terrific start to go 4-0 up early, but Glenelg had too many big guns and came over the top of us late.  Hits:  Will Kortekaas, Jack Higginbotham 2, Joe Papps, Josh Mignone 1.

DIVISION ONE     v     South Districts at Don Klaebe Field 26.11.17     WON 11-1 (mercy)

Eric and Special K got on base to start and Willy drove Eric home.  In the second, Eric hit the fence (again) but scored Matty, Kuhna got another home, and Tom launched a two run bomb to put us in a commanding position.  Dakota Mitchell was superb to Chappy, and after Matty doubled and Gary cleared the fence half way to Trimmer Parade, things went quiet for a dig or two.  But Gary was not done, and put another one out after Wes's double, and Willy scored Gary late.  Will K finished with no problems, and the ump called time a bit early.  Hits:  Eric Brank, Wilson Lee 3, Thomas DeWolf (HR), Gary Owens (2HR), Wes Hellyer 2, Nick Kuhn, Matt Austin 1.

DIVISION TWO     v South Districts at Don Klaebe Field 26.11.17     WON 6-5.

We got away well scoring two, and in the second, Sam Zaconne belted a nice triple, and scored with good baseball and we were motoring at 6-0. Young Jack Higginbotham was strutting his stuff on the mound, and somehow we took our foot off the gas and the Hawks came home with an unexpected rush and nearly closed the gap.  Still - a win is a win.  Hits:  Darren Annear 2, Todd Dunstall, Nathan Nicholson, Shane Allen, Scotty Knudsen, Sam Zaccone 1.

DIV THREE and DIV FOUR both ventured down South, but unfortunately didn't bring home any points.

DIV SIX and SEVEN both suffered similar fates, but stayed at home.

U17,U15 and U13 all lost their games.  The 13's, after a poor start, showed a lot of resillience.  The mighty U11's won again, 9-5, and are showing lots of improvement,and also having good fun.


Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th November

DIVISION ONE     V     Port Adelaide     at      Don Klaebe Field     Sun 19/11/17     Lost 2-6

All was in readiness for a clash between two in form good sides.  In particular, we were coming off a great win over Sturt the previous weekend, and were able to freshen up by having a bye last Tuesday evening.  But things just didn't turn out the way we would have liked, with us leaking unearned runs (five of them), and not getting any hits against a fine pitching effort from last year's Capps Medalist until the sixth inning.  Willy had settled by this stage, but gave way for young Will Kortekaas after six.  Eric and Kuhna both notched hits, and then next dig, Gary tripled and got home by virtue of a Willy hit. A wild throw by their third baseman got us one more.  Hits  :  Gary Owens 2, Eric Brenk, Nick Kuhn, Wilson Lee 1.

DIVISION TWO     V     Port Adelaide     at     Don Klaebe Field     Sun 19/11/17     WON 14-0

Our lineup was way too powerful for the Port boys.  As I was lucky enough to be an attendee at the Senators 5023 luncheon, I just glanced out of the window occasionally to witness our guys circling the diamond, seemingly, at will.  Dakota went through his paces very well, and Jack Higginbotham closed in fine fashion.  Hits  :  Troy Nicholson, Wes Hellyer (HR), Craig Abbott, Shane Allen, Scott Knudsen, Sam Zaccone 2, Todd Dunstall, Wade Moore, Will Kortekaas 1

DIVISION THREE  -  Unusual game, finishing with a 0-0 draw.  Rick Mitchell pitched seven strong innings, and Todd Height finished.  We saw a Toepher at shortstop for both teams.  Who has bragging rights?

DIV FOUR had a bye, Div Six were unlucky to get done 14-16 in the last.  Div Seven went on their winning way with an excellent 10-3 win over Golden Grove.  Are finals looming - too early to tell.  Just keep going.

JUNIORS  -  Highlight was the win by the under 13's who are improving and enjoying that winning feeling.  Not so lucky the youthful under 17's, who lost, and the 15's and 11's also.  The under 17's are all first year in this grade, which holds them in great stead for the future.  



10th & 11th November, 2017

First game for the week was the twilight encounter versus Henley & Grange at their ground, which we won comfortably 7-1.  It took until the third for Gary to get the ball rolling by planting one over, then Kuhna scored Matty in the fourth.  Willy was virtually untroubled on the mound, save for one long bomb, and with the batting line-up in good fettle, the runs kept coming.  We left a few on bases, something to work on.  Hits :  Nick Kuhn 3, Eric Brenk, Gary Owens (HR), Wilson Lee, Ben Lodge, Matt Austin 2, Thomas DeWolf 1.

Sunday 12/11/17   Home   v   Sturt     WON 8-7.  DIVISION ONE.

A game of highs and lows, with the lead changing hands on a number of occasions during the afternoon.  We got the win in exciting circumstances with a walk-off two run homer in the bottom of the ninth, much to the delight of the players and the crowd.  We started well, with Eric racing around the bases to score ahead of a Gary home run, and after the Saints got square, Tom knocked one over for a two run advantage.  Then it was up and down all game, with our pitchers rotated, Willy for four, Jordy a couple, Will a couple and then Tom at the death.  Willy got us the advantage (6-5) at the end of eight, but they scrambled a pair to get the lead back going into the bottom of the ninth.  Kuhna got a walk, and then Tom did the honours, and put a large one well over the fence, with the kids fighting for the ball for the inevitable autographs.  Hits : Gary Owens (HR) 3, Eric Brenk, Tom DeWolf (2HR)2, Shane Allen, Wilson Lee (HR), Ben Lodge 1.

DIVISION TWO   Home   v   Sturt   Lost 7-12.

Good aggressive hitting and base running got us three in the first, but we let 'em back in to equal.  Nathan Nicholson hit a homer to put us in front, but it was all Sturt after that, except for a couple of consolation runs for us at the end.  Congratulations to Wade Moore  -  300 games.  Dakota Mitchell and Jack Higginbotham shared the pitching duties, and the hits were :  Todd Dunstall 4, Dylan Child 3, Nathan Nicholson 2, and Scotty Knudsen 1.

DIV THREE  went down narrowly 1-2 at Sturt, and the DIV FOUR side also faltered, but the DIV SIX team notched up a good 12-3 win over the Saints on the back of the pitching efforts of Kim Bridger and Lawrie Moore (who really knows how to run bases), and the good hitting of Lawrie Moore 3, Derek Milne 2, Arron Petros, Kim Bridger and Casey Moore 1.  DIV SEVEN lost 3-11.

Juniors had an interesting Sunday, not being able to notch up any wins, but the Coaches were very proud of the boys' and girls' efforts.  Ryan Straddling in the under 13's scored a home run, but the word is that the under 11's forgot to wake up in time.


4th & 5th November, 2017

DIVISION ONE     v     Kensington.      Tue Twilight game at Don Klaebe Field.  Lost 6-11.

The previously winless Cardinals came to play and had two on the board in the first, but, no worries, Tom slapped a two run homer in the bottom of the inning to make it all square.  After Willie's single fence-clearer we shot to the lead, but an error cost us dearly, and a three run big hit from one of their import players knocked us back a bit.  Fair dinkum, six homers for the evening in a shortened game makes for some excitement.  Tom came to the party, and another big one scored three to keep us in it at 6-7, even though they put a switch on him.  Their big hitters went on their merry way, and were stronger at the finish.  Hits  :  Tom DeWolf (2HR) 2, Eric Brenk, Todd Dunstall, Gary Owens, Wilson Lee (HR), Ben Lodge, Andrew Chapman, Liam Huppatz 1.  Jordy Grose and Dakota Mitchell shared the pitching duties.

DIVISION ONE     had a bye on the Sunday 5th Nov, so the DIV TWO team had to front Gawler at their ground.

DIVISION TWO     v     Gawler   away  Sun 5.11.17     WON 16-2

Wade, Sammy Z and Scotty Knudsen all hit double baggers in the second to score plenty, and Shane Allen brought three home with a well placed hit in the third.  Then Wes's home run scored an extra two.  We had a scoreless third, but after that, Willy, Nat, Wade (just couldn't get it over that darn fence), and Scotty all combined for more runs.  Not to forget the Coach, Willy, who put himself in as D/H and hit five times.  The Ump called it after five giving Will Kortekaas, Dakota Mitchell and Jack Higginbotham an early minute.  Hits : Wilson Lee 5, Shane Allen, Nathan Nicholson, Sam Zaccone 3, Wade Moore, Scott Knudsen 2, Todd Dunstall, Wes Hellyer (HR) 1.

DIV 3 and DIV 4 both made the journey to Gawler and came home with the bikkies.  26-0 in the case of the 3's, with the first dig lasting the best part of an hour, and 9-5 for the 4's.

DIV 6 were too good for the Bays and won 13-4, with the MVP being Shane Lodge after his fantastic catch and putout.  Derek Milne got two hits, and there was one each to Casey Moore, Lawrie Moore, Adam Lodge (who pitched by the way), Garth Lodge, Shane Lodge, Mike Chemney and Josh Mignone.

DIV 7 lost 5-12 to the fast stealing Flinders outfit, but are playing much improved baseball, with the inclusion of some wise and experienced heads, but just as importantly, a noticeable increase in skills all round.

JUNIORS  -  Unfortunately, the Under 13 and Under 15 teams were beaten today, but two teams, namely the 17's and 11's were successful.  The 17's are showing great endeavour under Coach Rick Mitchell, and there was great joy at Woodville when the young Under 11's had a 10-8 win over Henley and Grange.  All played well and a highlight was a  Grand Slam home run by Deegan Grey.  The boys and girls enjoyed having the Adelaide Bite and Senators bat boy, Timmy Russell, giving them a hand.


28th & 29th October, 2017

DIVISION ONE     v     Glenelg     away     WIN 8-6

Fantastic morale boosting two points, after being in front from the get-go, then headed, then taking the lead again and hanging on for the win, in ordinary weather conditions at the Bay.  Tom DeWolf got us going with a monster two run bomb in the first, and the Bay pitchers sure didn't give him anything else to hit all day - three walks.  We got out to a 4-1 lead in the sixth, when Huppo, Kuhna and Tom filled the bases and Gary scored one, followed by one more from a defensive error.  Willy came off and Gary took over on the mound, but a homer with the wind got them back in the game.  Tom got his chance to strut his stuff with the ball, but the Tigers kept coming, and it took Huppo to hit to get Matty home, and Benny to score Tom and Gary, and then Matty got Willy home to give us a two run buffer going into the last.  Thankfully they failed to make any impression, and the final out was a delight to see, with Willy making the double play at first.  Hits : Nick Kuhn (200th game - Congrats), Gary Owens, Liam Huppatz 2, Eric Brenk, Tom DeWolf (HR), Ben Lodge 1.

DIVISION TWO     v     Glenelg     Lost 2-10.

We started well, with Todd Dunstall belting one of his two doubles for the day in the first to give us the lead, which we held until the fourth, when they equalled at one all.  But a Grand Slam Home Run put paid to our chances, and the subsequent drop in confidence saw the Bays inflict a biggish defeat on our boys.  Wade's headfirst dive into third gave all a chuckle, very