John's Match Reports Season 2016/17

5/3/17 & 6/3/17

DIVISION ONE     V     GGCD     Away Sunday 5.3.17.     WIN 4-0.

Last game for the season, with nothing on the line except for the fact that, even in our Grand Final appearance years, we always seemed to struggle way out in the north-east suburbs against this team.  With the notable exception of course, of the Preliminary Final victory a few years ago that put them out of the grand Final race.  With this in mind, we went about our work and in the first dig Matty hit, Kuhna hit and Gary hit to score Matty and we looked in good nick, then in the second, Kuhna slapped a double to bring two home.  Dakota bounced one off the leftfield fence with a big tonk, and we really didn't get a lot of grief all day.  Kuhna (three votes) took a couple of blinding catches in the outfield in a match winning performance, and when Jordy Grose copped a nasty one on the shin, he had to leave the mound after a masterful display, Gary took over to bring us home in a canter.  Hits  :  Nick Kuhn, Josh Loechel-Baker 3, Matt Austin, Gary Owens, Dakota Mitchell 2, Troy Weinert, Troy Nicholson, Liam Huppatz, Shane Allen 1.


DIVISION TWO     V     GGCD     Away Sunday 5.3.17.     WIN 11-6.

We had a must win situation here, and we did our bit, but a couple of results in other games put paid to our hopes of finals  We gave up three runs, then a Joe Papps double got us our first, and we went ahead when Gary toyed with the opposition infielders in an astonishing display of experience and skill by keeping them busy while letting three get home and himself safe back at first.  Worth the bus fare, and then some.  GG responded, to their credit, and led us by one, but we immediately loaded the bases to score easily, and a Joshy base hit got another.  AC featured early on the mound, and was very ably relieved by the ever reliable Nathan Nicholson.  Hits  :  Joe Papps 3, Wade Moore, Josh Loechel-Baker 2, Scotty Knudsen, Liam Mullen 1,


UNDER 17     First Final     v     Port Adelaide     Away Sunday 5.3.17.     WIN 5-4.

Behind the superb pitching of Will Kortekaas, we shot out to a nice lead 5-0, and boy, are we glad we had it, as the Port boys got their act together in the last to almost close the gap.  Phew! we held on to go deeper into the finals next week  -  well done guys.


DIV SIX    V     DIV SEVEN     Held at Klaebe Field Saturday 4.3.17.     DRAW 18-18.

From the first pitch it was on.  Umpire Owens, resplendent in his USA finery, gave the starting pitcher for the 6's - Adam Lodge - just what all umpires this year must have wanted to do, and called a ball before he had even thrown one.  Anyhow, by the time it got to the lead off hitter, Tim Russell, two butterflies had landed on it.  The game in its entirety was a delight to behold with fun, cheap drinks, cheap BBQ, and cheap laughs, along with some terrific walk-on beats.  The ump had a throw (left handed) and got a bit warm, which prompted him to go topless, and because we are a caring lot, some of our female brigade decided to  invade the diamond and administer sunscreen.  Earlier in the morning, after some of our more unsociable residents had set fire to our rubbish bins, the kids had a treat riding on the big red fire truck which attended, sirens and all.  We certainly got our moneys' worth.  A big thank you to the Guys and Gals who did the organising.


So, for the Div Ones and Twos, in particular, this ends one of our most frustrating years for a fair while.  Many unforeseen circumstances have seen us miss our goals, and many things have already been put in place to rectify our situation.  With all that has been thrown at us this year, we can only get stronger.






No twilights this week, so straight into the weekend games.

DIVISION ONE V Glenelg Game One of double header Sun 26.2.17 Lost 2-4.
The Bays scored early but a Gary Owens bomb equalled the scores when he slammed one over the centrefield fence. Both pitchers were on top, especially our guy, Dakota Mitchell, who was having easily his best outing for us, his adopted Club. All of a sudden, a huge hit put paid to any aspirations we may have had and we fell behind 2-3. They got another unearned run and we lost 2-4 in a disappointing result. Hits : Gary Owens (HR), Troy Weinert, Shane Allen, Liam Mullen 1.

DIVISION ONE V Glenelg Game Two Lost 2-8.
Jordy was on the mound strutting his stuff and looking the goods. A bit of an altercation occurred in the second when their flamboyant pitcher come right fielder was hit on the noggin by a pitch. No big deal, handled perfectly by a competent umpiring panel and cool heads. Glenelg continued to hit well, and went to a good lead, but just then Weiny clouted one over to make them sit up and take notice, and Nick Kuhn (with wife and new baby in tow) made their reliever look a bit sick and sorry by adding another homer to his CV. Gary took over from Jordy, and the end result was not an indication of the hard fought game that it was. Hits : Josh Loechel Baker 3, Nick Kuhn (HR) 2, Troy Weinert (HR), Joe Papps 1.

DIVISION TWO V Glenelg WIN 12-9.
We went on a run fest in the first, with most of the line up getting a couple of at bats, and scored nine, then went on to get three more in the second and then it was twelve nil. We leaked three runs in the third, and then Will Kortekaas, who was in complete control, caught the walk bug from the Bay pitcher, and came off, only to hand the bug over to the usually super efficient AC. Bays got a few, but that big early buffer was enough,and we live to fight another day. Hits : Josh Loechel Baker, Joe Papps 2, Gary Owens, Scotty Knudsen 1.

DIV Three went down 2-6, Div Four lost, Div Six, despite the best efforts of the Lodge mob, lost again, and the gallant Div Sevens fell short again.
Under 13's won 12-7, U11 lost 3-4 (a bit controversial) Under 17's lost 2-10 but are finals bound.

Don't forget next Saturday afternoon. Everybody wants in on the phenomenon that is "the sevens" and trials are being held between them and the Sixers for positions in next years' team. Pitchers need to apply. Don't forget, all positions open except right field - Tim Russell has it cemented.



14/2/17, 18/2/17 & 19/2/17

Twilight     v     Adelaide     at Home     Tuesday 14.02.17     loss  0-2.

Goodness gracious me.!!  At home with Jacko returning from his prolonged forced absence and pitching a great first three innings, you would have thought that some of the batters would have come through and at least put bat on ball occasionally.  But no.  The defence was fine, with the Nicholson's featuring in some fine double plays, and Jordy did his part also, but we got defeated by a couple of bleeders.  That's all it takes sometimes in this short version of the real game. The season contains half nine, and half seven innings games, at times when all teams struggle to get their best players on the park due to work or other comittments  They, and us volunteers, are not professionals. This is not MLB !! Anyway, we in baseball are all frustrated - just listen to the gossip.  Hits in this game : one each to Gary Owens, Troy Weinert and Shane Allen.

Double Header     v     CCGD     at home     Sunday  19.0117      Win 2-0  (Game One)     Loss  2-4  (Game Two)

Game One     -     Jacko started and looked the goods giving nothing away early,and did five with nothing coming off the Dodgers' bats. They couldn't put a score on the board and Dushan came in and killed them off in the last two.  But have you been counting our hits in the last few weeks ? Diabolical.  Hits in this game  :  Matt Austin, Troy Weinert, Liam Huppatz 1.

Game Two    -     Nothing was happening, with Jordy Grose dominating from the hill, and their guy, although looking hitable but getting away with it ( refer previous comments re our hitting) got away with the win.  Troy Weinert's home run was the highlight, another being Gary"s fence rattling double. Troy was bumped on second on his way around the bases after his home run hit, but that's OK this year apparently.  Reports   -   Nah   - not for us.   Hits  :  a touch better : Troy Weinert (HR) 3, Gary Owens 2, Nick Kuhn . Joshy Baker, Liam Huppatz 1.  Dakota Mitchell finished well.

Division Two -  v     GGCD      Win 15-2.

Will Kortekaas was in control, and when we got six in the first, I thought a trip to the movies could be in order for some entertainment. No, I stayed, and whilst Will got himself into trouble a couple of times, (and got out of it like the good pitcher he is) I got plenty of enjoyment from our Mildura tribe who continue to be a true lifeblood to our Club at all levels.  AC finished them off, and our hits were  :  Joshy Baker 3, Wade Moore, Dylan Child, Joe Papps 2, Scotty Knudsen ,Liam Mullen, Gary Owen 1  Finals are not out of the question if wins keep piling up.

Div Three  - still keeping their finals hopes alive with a gutsy, come from behind win, 6-4.  Go the Threes.  Div Four had a great win 11-3, but will have to sit on the sidelines during finals.  Div Six and Div Seven both lost, but watch this space   ---   there will be a trial game near season's end between Sixes and Sevens for spaces up for grabs in the most popular team of the year - the Sevens - for next season.  No guarantees, but Tim Russell has rightfield locked down.

Some pleasing results in the juniors (the ones that I know)  U15(1) won 5-1,  the U11 champs won 5-3, but U13 lost 10-11.

 Incedentally, which Coach, under stress with an impending win, forgot the bunt signal.  If he buys me a red tin I won't say.  Also, good to see Marso let off the hook and back doing what he does best - try and bring a few of your old mates with you. Congrats on your Life Membership !


7/2/17, 11/2/17 & 12/7/17

Tuesday twilight 7/02/17 v West Torrens at Home Lost 0-3. Division ONE.

Jordy Grose took to the mound in competition with his West Torrens import counterpart and pitched a superb seven innings of ninety-five pitches. It was certainly not his doing that three defensive errors by our defence scored their runs, and we could have been satisfied to see a draw against the top of the table Eagles. The offence let us down big time with only two hits for the evening off their impressive import. Gary Owens took another of his trademark speccy catches at centrefield to make his tally five for the game. You had to see it to believe it. Hits : Gary Owens and Wade Moore one each.

Sunday 12.02.17 v East Torrens away Lost 1-2. Division One.

We had Gary pitching and they started their Bite American, and it was an enthralling duel all day, with Gary lowering his colours ever so slightly at the end. In the third, Troy W and Troy N both hit powerful line drives, and a walk got us our only run for the day. Precious few hits for the rest of the day, but it took the Redsox until the sixth to equalise and then get ahead with a well executed bunt. We had four hits, they had five, we both left the same number of runners on base - it was just that close all game. Hits ; Troy Weinert 2, Matt Austin, Troy Nicholson 1.

Division Two away v East Torrens. Win 3-2.

We cannot afford to lose a game for the rest of the season in this grade if we are to play finals. We scored early but let them come back to tie the game. We had an exceptional D/H in Gary who was three from three and he crossed the plate again to put us one up. Will Kortekaas came off the mound after six impressive innings, replaced by Dakota Mitchell, who finished with aplomb. ET got an extra run to make us all a bit nervous, but Gary (again) crossed the plate for the winning run after some really sensible batting in the windy conditions. Hits : Gary Owens 3, Liam Mullen 2, Josh Baker, Wade Moore 1.

Div Three won again - seem to getting their mojo back along with some returning players. Fantastic to see. Div Four couldn't force a win, and neither could the Div Six and Sevens, although I'm told there was a few good performances in those grades.
No Under 19's this week because of that heat, and the U17's shot themselves in the foot by losing for the second time this season to the same team at the same ground in the same fashion - a last inning walk off. Lost 4-5.

As the author of the match reports doesn't wish to mention this I will!
Div 7 game BOG was Timmy Russell with a couple of great hits and a magnificent catch! Well done Timmy!

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4/2/17 & 5/2/17

Wednesday Twilight game at West Beach     v     Henley & Grange     Draw 5-5.     DIVISION ONE.


Really needed the win in this one - but after getting off to a flyer, we let them in and get in front, then managed a draw in a stirring last dig.  We had three on the board, but left a few on base, and the Rams managed to claw them back and level at three all in the fourth.  A superb catch at right field by Shane Allen helped our cause, but they managed a couple in their last at bat, which led to our last needing two to tie or three to win.  Nathan Nicholson hit and Joshy Baker managed an improbable triple, making the most of a bizarre error from their first baseman.  But we couldn't get the extra run and had to settle for a draw.  Jordy Grose returned to form after a few injuries, and performed well, with Troy Weinert finishing.  Hits  :  Shane Allen, Troy Weinert, Nathan Nicholson 2, Gary Owens, Wade Moore, Liam Huppatz 1.


DIVISION ONE     v     Southern Districts    4.02.17     WIN 10-1


Very comfortable victory, never in doubt from the get go, with Dushan Ruzic sitting them down in their first three innings 1 - 2 - 3 in a superb display with the very minimum of pitches.  He went six as planned, then Anthony Carroll cleaned them up in the last three.  We scored in almost every innings, and the boys stood up and showed their colours when the Hawk's second baseman made an inappropriate tagging attempt on Troy Weinert, who, moments earlier, had his helmet rattled by an ex Senator.  Poor form.  The win really showed the difference between the teams, and showed what a bit of heart will do.  Hits  :Dayle (Socks) Child 3, Josh Loechel-Baker, Troy Nicholson 2, Gary (Drummer boy) Owens, Shane Allen, Troy Weinert 1.


DIVISION TWO     v     Southern Districts     4.02.17     WIN 7-0


We started off in fine form, scoring three in the first as a result of hits, steals and errors.  Will Kortekaas had the ball and made the most of his opportunity at Senior level after a good performance in the Nationals in Sydney, pitching well into the game before letting Nathan Nicholson mop up.  In the fourth it became a bit of a procession, with Huppo and Kuhna contributing a couple, and then  Scotty Knudsen's triple and Sammy Zaccone's double adding a few more.  Hits  :  Liam Huppatz 2, Sam Zaccone, Nathan Nicholson, Nick Kuhn (congrats on the new baby), Scott Knudsen 1. 


Div Three had a good win over Southern Districts, but the guys in Div Four couldn't get over the line, and likewise Div Six this week, whose winning streak came to an end.  Shane Nicholson played his 200th game - fantastic - congratulations on a fine achievement.

Good news from Div Seven - no, they didn't record their first win for the season and went down 2-10, but the endevour was certainly there, and after stealing practice last week, certainly made the gentlemen from Henley take notice.  The pitcher, who had been demoted from Div Six, battled manfully, and was assisted by some soft calls from the Ump - any relation?  A win is on the cards soon. Said pitcher is back in the Sises next week - travelling problems perhaps.


24/1/17 & 28/1/17

Unfortunately no junior games were played this weekend because of the heat policy on Sunday, but all senior fixtures went ahead on Saturday with varying results.  The Division One side, whilst not looking our tip-top one hundred percent gilt edged nine, performed exceptionally well to knock off the big hitting boys from Goodwood, but more about that later.


Twilight game     v     Sturt     away     Tuesday 24.1.17     Lost 1-5

Jordy Grose took to the mound and started in control of the Sturt guys on their postage stamp arena and looked in good nick until he was knocked over the fence for a three run homer.  We had already put one on the board after Troy W,  hit one up the middle to score Gary.  They managed a couple more with emphasis on steals, but we failed to get any, although we were getting on base but not finishing,  Hits  :  Troy Weinert, Troy Nicholson,Shane Allen 2.   Dushan Ruzic came in to finish.  We then adjourned to the nearby Edinburgh Hotel to farewell Schultzy, on his way back home for an operation on his elbow.  He leaves with our very best wishes, and we wish him a speedy recovery.


Division One     v     Goodwood      Sat 28.1.17     WON 7-3.

We really looked good in the early stages, with everyone on the same page and really getting behind Gary Owens on the mound, in what proved to be a fantastic day out for Gary, pitching 8.2 innings, and hitting a match winning Grand Slam Home Run early in the piece to set them back on their heels.  It appeared to knock the stuffing out of them, because except for a home run and a couple of runs late, we remained in control all day.  Loaded the bases a couple more times, an we capitalised this time.  Indians catcher went down late with a nasty ball to the throat, but appeared to be alright after the game.   Really, an .impressive win under the circumstances.  Hits:  Gary Owens (GSHR), Shane Allen 2,Troy Nicholson, Matt Austin, Joshy Baker, Nathan Nicholson 1.  Gary Owens  -  three Capps Medal votes.


Division Two     v     Goodwood     Sat 28.1 17     Lost 2-11.

Not so impressive this game score-wise.  I've not much to say , except for the fact that I only saw the concluding period, and the boys struggled a bit against a pitcher that we really could have got after.  Hits :  Liam Huppatz 2, Wade Moore, Anthony Carroll 1.


Div Three and Div Four both recorded losses as did Div 7.  But, hold the phone, Div Six are on a winning streak of two in a row, and with the new found confidence, should go on to win a few more.  A reshuffle in the fielding positions has worked a treat, with Shane Nicholson behind the dish making the pitchers look good. 


Don Rice League     -     Lost to Glenelg 7-5     25.1.17

 All played well in an entertaining game, with hits  (one each) coming from Joe Papps, Troy Nicholson, Liam Mullen, Joshy Baker and Manny Hirschausen.


A footnote  ;  Chris Papps (Div 7) has to be the unluckiest dude around.  After waiting weeks to get right after various ailments and injuries, he was warming up for his much awaited return to the field, and took his eye off the ball and - whack - flush on the snozz.  Next week Chris.


18/1/17, 21/1/17 & 22/7/17

The Senators had a bye on Tuesday 17.01.17, and it was an opportune time to reflect on the resignation of our Div One Coach Sean Bird, and welcome the incoming Coach - Gary Owens,  A productive meeting paved the way for a bright future, and so it is all steam ahead from here.

Under 19's got the ball rolling on the Wednesday with a resounding win over Goodwood 11-3, in a game that saw our bats knock their socks off.  Joe Papps was exceptional with three hits as well as being starting pitcher, Liam Mullen had two hits, Manny Hirschausen, Nathan Collins and Brodie Usher each had one.  Troy Nicholson and Nathan Collins were the relieving pitchers.

So Sunday comes around, and the Div Two team stamped their superiority over Port in a strong victory 12-4 that left the Maggies gobsmacked.  We had five on the board in the first, then three in the second, and four more in the sixth, behind the fine efforts of Anthony Carroll, who went the full distance.  A great effort.  Special mention to Joshy Baker, who has returned to the Club, and got a hit in his first outing.  Hits  :  Scotty Knudsen, Wade Moore 2, and one each to Sam Zaccone, Josh Baker, Morgan Ruchel, Dayle Child, Jordy Grose 1.

Division One     v     Port     at home     Sun 22/01/17     Loss 2-10

Port got one in the first and then four in the fourth, to really make their presence felt.  We could not get a handle on their pitcher, who had an exceptional day and blew us away,  It wasn't until he was rested that we saw daylight, and Gary put one over.  We got one in the last, but really we were never in the hunt, and it was a disappointing end to a rather tumultuous week. We keep fighting on, and after all the rubbish that has been hurled at us this season, we will most definitely come out of this much stronger.  Go da Nats !!  Hits  :  (and this is pretty poor)  Gary Owens (HR), Troy Weinert 2, Shane Allen 1.  Dakota Mitchell pitched four, Gary a couple, Troy Weinert a couple, and Nathan Nicholson one at the end.

The Under 17's,  great side potentially that they are, let themselves down, by once again not hitting to their usual standards.  Admittedly it was a pitchers duel, with Will Kortekaas pitching beautifully and his Port opponent likewise, but we fell short and lost 1-3 in an entertaining game.

Great news in the other junior games played this weekend (no U15's till next week) with Lawrie's Under 13's winning over Norths 16-8 despite loaning them a player to make up the numbers - he finished up being their best player!  

Daves U11's just continue on their merry way, winning 13-6 this week.  Gee, they are really having a fun time.

Div 3 had a great win against Port 5-3,  Div 4 had a bye, Div 7 is still searching for their first win (soon), and Div 6 knocked over Playford City 11-3, with Morty getting the win and a couple of old stagers getting multiple hits.  No names - it's a team game.



10/1/17, 14/1/17 & 15/1/17

Twilight     v     East Torrens     @     HOME     10/01/16     WIN 8-5

The Redsox began well with one in the first, but we equalled that with a Nathan Nicholson double.  Then, in the third, Gary retired their team by snaring three catches in a row at centrefield, and then belted a home run immediately after.  They got that one back, but Nathan crossed the plate for the second time after a Wade single.  After pitching four solid innings returning from an extended injury period, Jordy sat down, and Schultzy took over, only to come unstuck with an elbow strain after only a few batters.  Dushan took over and they got a couple off him and we found ourselves down 3-5.  Enter Liam Mullen, and with a single swipe, and his first Div One hit, whacked one over the fence - three run homer thank you very much.  Mum and Dad were nowhere to be seen, not expecting their colt to be in the lineup. Them's the breaks.  The master of the late hit, Dushan Ruzic, put the icing on the cake by batting in a further two runs to cement a good win.  Hits  :  Gary Owens (HR), Nat Nicholson, Liam Huppatz, Joe Papps 2, Dushan Ruzic, John Schultz, Liam Mullen (HR) 1.


Sunday 15/01/16     Away     v     Kensington     Lost 9-10 in 11 innings.     DIVISION ONE.

First dig, and Liam Huppatz, Gary, Troy W and Dylan all hit to score one but we left three on - a trend that was to continue on through the day - in fact we did it four times.  We took advantage of some ordinary pitching and went to a 4-2 lead, and then started to really hit well and increased this to 9-2.  A shot over that short right field fence gave the Cards a couple, and when they got two more it got interesting.  Gary took over from Dakota Mitchell after five, and then a few errors crept in,  and coupled with a nervousness shown in the field late, saw the score tied at 9-9.  Just a word here, Dakota's outing was his best for the Club, and so it should be all good from here, and it took five pitchers from Kensi to beat us.  So it went to extras, and we had our chances, but failed at the last gasp.  At the end, we missed the steadiness of Dylan who had to leave the field, and Schultzy who was confined to the bench all day.  Eleven innings - and then to lose - bugger.  Hits  :  Gary Owens 2, one each to Shane Allen, Liam Huppatz, Troy Weinert, Dylan Child, Wade Moor, Joe Papps, Sam Zaccone, Dakota Mitchell.  We really let them off the hook.  Jordy was the finishing pitcher, and got through injury free. Well done to the young guys who filled in manfully.


Sunday     15/01/16     away     v     Kensington     Lost      3-7.     DIVISION TWO.

The boys tried hard to force a win, but to no avail.  A highlight early was a terrific double play involving the Nicholson family.  First base Nathan fielding the ball, chucking it to shortstop Troy at second, and then doubling back to the base to receive the ball from Troy for the out at first. Nathan also got two doubles to assist in most of the scoring before he had to pack-up and head off to work.  Anthony Carroll was good on the mound, relieved by Troy Nicholson, but the superior hitting of the Kensi bats was the difference.  Hits  :  Nathan Nicholson 2, Troy Nicholson, Troy Weinert, Liam Mullen 1.


No joy this week for the other grades, with the 3's, 4's, 6's and 7's all losing. 


Some juniors resuming next week, and others the week after.  Contact your Coachesfor the corect information.



Only a short summary this week, because all grades from Division Three down were cancelled due to the hot weather policy, and the Juniors have not resumed after their Christmas break. Quite a few Juniors in Sydney for the Nationals as well.

First of the week was a catch-up game against Port Adelaide away on Tuesday 4/01/16, making up for a game lost due to rain earlier in the season. Troy Weinert started us off in fine fashion, belting one over the fence in the first to give us a two run advantage, but the Port boys responded in style going to a three run lead.  Then in the third, Gary walked, Schultzy hit, Weiny walked and Dayle walked and we were up 4-3 with Dakota, Huppo and Shane all contributing with RBI's.  Looking good late in the game and still one in front, Port put young Jack O'Loughlin into the game and he obliged by dinking one over the third baseman's head to score two.  They got a couple late, and went on to score a 10-6 win.  I've had a word to his mum.  Hits  :  John Schultz, Shane Allen 2, Gary Owens, Troy Weinert (HR), Wade Moore 1.  Mr Tuesday, Gary Owen pitched, relieved at the death by Nathan Nicholson.

Division One     v     Adelaide     away     8/01/16     Lost 4-5

Very stiff to lose this one in a nail-biter at the last  gasp.  Angels got off to a flyer with three early runs, before Weiny knocked one onto the trotting track to make them sit up and take notice.  We all had a snooze until the sixth, when Gary hit a long double and was advanced by a Schultz sac fly and scored on a passed ball.  Dakota sat down after six solid innings, and Matty Austin took over, and after Schultzy hit a two run bomb we were even and had to go to extra innings.  Things looked fine when we filled the bases with another Gary double, an intentional walk to Schultzy   -   but no run.  They did the same, filled the bases, but scored on a walk.  Unlucky.  Hits  :  Gary Owens, Wade Moore 2, John Schultz (HR), Troy Weinert (HR) 1.


Division Two     v     Adelaide     away     8/01/16     Lost 3-4

AC began well on the mound,and we almost scored early, but it wasn't until the fourth that Troy Nicho got home on a Kuhna hit.  Adelaide threatened  and got three from a few defensive errors and a couple of walks.  We equalled in the sixth after a Knudson walk and Kuhn and Mullen hits.  Then with the game all but over, the Angels managed the winning run with a collision play at home plate.  It just was not our day.  Hits  :  Troy Nicholson 2, Liam Mullins 1, Nick Kuhn 1, Joe Papps 1



Just a couple of games decided in the lead-up to the Christmas break and our heavy involvement in the continuing Goodwill Games against some of out favourite American friends.


Division One     v     West Torrens     @     DSP     Wed 21/12/16     Lost 6-1.

Once again, a depleted Div One team with work commitments, injuries, and illnesses curtailing our chances.  We all know all sides have these problems, but we've got'em in Spades at the moment.  So it was Gary - Tuesday night specialist - to Wade.  No Weiny (hamstring) and no Dylan (stuck at Gawler working) and we were all proud of the boys for hanging in and keeping the game at nil all until the fourth, when Huppo hit and Gary got one as well, and we thought things were on the up but to no avail.  The powerful Eagles offence then had a good inning to bury us - just the one bad one from us.  Jesse Toepfer got splinters in his bum, to go with the ringing in his ears from that dreadful whack in the ear last weekend that sent him to hospital - still crook as I write this. No action on this one. Only three hits, which seems to be a midweek problem - Liam Huppatz,  Gary Owens and Nathan Nicholson.  

It's hard to play back to back to back Grand Finals when we are missing so many Home grown players, most of whom have come from our junior ranks over the years.  I refer to Willy Lee (somewhere in Germany or USA with his girl),Josh Tols (chasing his dream of the Aussie team), Benny Lodge (exploring Mexico at the moment and getting fit for his footy comeback at Henley), Jacko (suspended - another story), Doyley ( working in Melbourne), and other Senator Stalwarts in Dan Turner, Craig Abbott, Jed Morgan, Adam Newbound, and never forgetting Vinnie Fayard - a Senator through and through.

The other game during the week was the Under 19 (Don Rice League) clash against Adelaide away in which we called in the Coach with the Golden Touch (Shane Nicholson) - remember the Junior Premierships of recent past? - because regular Coaches (Gary Owens and Jesse Toepfer) were involved in the Div One game.  The boys all hit well to establish a good early lead but the Angels were not to be denied and forced a draw.  Hits:  Joe Papps, Troy Nicholson 2, Jack Higginbotham, Lee Tape 1. Pitchers were Joe Papps, Troy Nicholson and  Jack Higginbotham,  Score 8-8


13th, 17th & 18th December., 2016

DIVISION ONE. The week kicked off with a Tuesday twilight game at home against the Northern District Reds, and they surprised by knocking in two runs in their opening at bat.  Not to be denied, we went on a hitting fest at our first crack at it, and piled on nine runs, with hits coming almost at will.  Jesse, Gary, Dayle, Shane and Schultzy all hit, and hit well.  We went into our shell for a while until Weiny scored some with a triple.  Hits:  Gary Owens, Dayle Child, Troy Weiner 2, Jesse Toepfer, Dakota Mitchell 1.  Mr Tuesday, Gary Owens was the pitcher, relieved by a newcomer to our Club in Dakota Mitchell - welcome.  WIN 10-4.

DIVISION ONE v Sth District away 17.12.16 Loss 1-9 The game was less than two minutes old, and already Jesse Toepfer - lead off batter - was on his backside and headed for hospital after being pinged in the temple.  Our next batter also was plugged, but we managed a run from the wreck.  The guys never really recovered from this, and we turned in our worst performance for the season to date.  Jesse spent a few hours in hospital, and is recovering at home.  Hits: one each to Sam Zaccone, John Schultz, Troy Weinert and Dayle Child.  Dakota Mitchell pitched, relieved by Matty Austin and Troy Weinert pitched to one batter.

DIVISION TWO v Sth District away 17.12.16 WIN 9-0.

No problems here, although four of our men were hit in the batting box in this one.  Our guys played good solid baseball, and went on to record a fine win.  Big, tall Anthony Carroll was in fine form on the mound, making way for Matt Meugge, and the hitters were (one each) Liam Huppatz, Wade Moore, Liam Mullen, Shane Allen and Lee Tape.

Under 19 - 14.12.16 Twilight v Sth District 5-4.

Very good game that could have gone either way. The pitching of Joe Papps, Troy Nicholson and Nathan Collins to Manny Hirschausen proved the difference in the end.  Hits: Jack Higginbotham, Troy Nicholson 2, Manny Hirschausen, Joe Papps, Nathan Collins 1.

DIV Three can't take a trick at the moment, going down 4-7, but the Div Four boys have found a new lease of life and won 10-9 against the Hawks.

Div Six lost 2-11, and Div Seven lost 4-19 to the Tigers The under 17's had a comprehensive win over the Southerners 8-2, and showed a degree of class in doing so.

No scores to date from u 15 and u 13, but the little champs in the u 11's just got pipped 11-13.


6th December, 10th & 11th December, 2016

Just a recap of results.

Tuesday twilight v H&G Div 1 Win 8-3

Wed  u 19 twilight v WTorrens lost 4-12

DIVISION 1 Sun 11.12.16 lost 1-15

DIVISION 2 lost 3-6

DIVISION  3 won 9-3

DIVISION 4 (watch this space) won 19-9

DIVISION 6 lost 0-9

DIVISION 7 lost 7-18

U17 drew 4-4

U15-1 won 11-4 u15-2 lost 2-11 U 13 won 12-4  U11 won4-1 again.


Twilight v H&G  We couldn't possibly lose with the birthday boy on the mound, and when Shane Allen scored Dylan we were on our way, and after a bit of a scare with a homer from one of their Yanks, the Nicholson boys combined to get a few on base, and then Dylan got Gary home and Troy W hit and we were motoring.  After Gary sat down to finish his birthday cake, Matt Muegge stepped in and then Dushan finished them off.  Hits. :  Dylan Child, Liam Huppatz 2, Jesse Toepfer, Troy Weinert, Troy Nicholson 1.

DIVISION TWO - They are killing themselves these boys, getting in front early with a Wade Moore double and a score, but then we give up four runs on fundamental errors. Troy Nicholson motored around the bases a couple of times, but we seem to lack the expertise to make the most of loaded bases - it's happened all year.  AC pitched his heart out and the hits were : Troy Nicholson 3, Scott Knudsen, Joe Papps, Wade Moore 1.

DIVISION Three. Returned to the winners circle, and about time too.  Good side this.

DIVISION Four  I said watch this space.  What the hell happened?  I know Jamie Nikoletos ( welcome back by the way) reckons he is a semi god (he told me once when he was washing my car) but this is stupid. -  2-9 down and winning 19-9.  They tell me they batted three times in an inning, and it was not the modest Kim Britcher who told me.  Happy for you Kim - you deserve a win occasionally for your dedication.

DIVISION Six. It's a long season.. Hang in there

DIVISION Seven. - still looking for that first win, but scoring runs off the other mobs.

Under 17. -  I thought they had Sturt's measure, but had to settle for a draw.

Under 15-1. Geez Bernie, I asked you for a bit of a précis of the game, thanks,  but what I got was something out of the New York Times on a Yankees game.  Absolutely love the passion and the win.  Jack Higginbotham put one over the wall, the catching was terrific, and Jack and Cody pitched well.  Love it - please more next week with another win.

Under 13 beat those pesky Indians 12-4 in a great win that looks good for the future.

Under 11. -  success story so far this year.  Nine wins to date.  Team of Champs and a good mob.


29th, 30th November & 3rd, 4th December

DIVISION ONE     Twilight     v     Goodwood @ Goodwood 29.11.16.    Draw 2-2.

Nick Kuhn, just down from Berri, strode into the batters' box and began proceedings with his customary triple, and scored on a Weiny hit.  The Indians, powerful batting  line up that they are, scored two from dinky bleeders and filled up the bases on a few occasions, only to see us fight back strongly and tie the scores from a Tolsy hit up the middle in our last at bat - a bit stiff not to score two.  Josh then relinquished his post at left field to relieve the gallant Gary Owens for the last dig and he put them to bed for the draw.  The game finished with another magic Gary outfield catch.  A strong fighting performance, and a tribute to the guys who took the field, as once again, work commitments coupled with the 6.00pm start depleted our numbers. Hits: Dayle Child, Nick Kuhn, Toy Weiner & Josh Tols one each.


DON RICE LEAGUE U19.     Twilight     v     Sturt @ Home 30.11.16.     WIN 11-4.

Good win this, under the guidance of Gary Owens and Shane Nicholson.  The boys got a bit behind at the start, but once they got going, never looked back and powered away for a convincing victory.  Might need a bit of work on base running - what do you reckon?  The pitching of Joe Papps, Nathan Collins and Troy Nicholson kept Sturt under control, and the hits came from Liam Mullen 4, and one each from Manny Hirchausen, Troy Nicholson, Joe Papps and Jack Clark.


DIVISION ONE     v     Gooodwood @ Home 3.12.16.     WIN 5-3.

And so we take on Goodwood again, this time at home on a Saturday afternoon.  Marty Austin thinks this is ok, and promptly dispatches one over to the Skidkids in the first which seemed to set them back on their heels a bit, and then he turns on a clinic at shortstop for the rest of the game.  Nothing much happened for a few innings, with Jacko in control until the fifth, when the Indians scored three to go ahead.   But the best was yet to come.  First, Gary hit a monster two run bomb, and it was followed almost immediately by another two run homer equally as big off the bat of Troy Weinert  -  exit one pitcher.  Jacko sat down after seven strong innings, and Gary brought it home.  This was a terrific win.  Hits: John Schultz 2, Matt Austin(HR), Dayle Child, Gary Owens(HR), Troy Weinert (HR), Liam Huppatz 1.


DIVISION TWO     -     v     Goodwood @ Home  3.12.16.      WIN 9-6.

Goodwood got one early and we were chasing.   AC was going easy, and at one stage had a five pitch dig.  The bats started cracking in the third, and went from strength to strength, looking really good at the end, and we were not guilty this week of leaving too many runners stranded on base.  Nathan Nicholson took over from AC and did his usual good job.  Hits: Jesse Toepfer, Scott Knudsen 2, Nathan Nicholson, Nick Kuhn, Shane Allen 1.


DIV Three lost by one run unfortunately, DIV Four couldn't keep their winning streak going, DIV Six were valiant in defeat and the DIV Seven team put on an entertaining  performance and scored seven hard fought runs in their loss to East Torrens in a game played in tremendous spirit by both teams.


Under 17 - Lousy weather put paid to an expected win, when the ump decided it was too wet to continue when we were leading 12-2.  Not the ump's fault, but a bit disappointing for the Mildura contingent - makes for a long trip home.  Not enough time played to make it a game.


Under 15 - 1 had a bye, so they stayed dry, but the 15 - 2 played and in a slip sliding affair, had their colours lowered.


The under 13's played a draw under the directorship of Graham Newbound in the absence of Lawrie Moore, in Melbourne for Fitzy's sixtieth.  Young Zane, relishing his promotion for the day from the under 11's, took a great outfield catch - a taste of things to come.


Under 11 just did what they had to do and kept their winning ways going.  Eased off at the end after being well ahead due to good all round play, and not forgetting two (yes two) back to back home runs by Daniel.  Over the cones on the full.  WIN 11-9.o





22nd, 26th & 27th  November

DIVISION ONE     Twilight     v     Kensington @ Kensington  22.11.16

There is a problem with playing these fixtures on the other side of town at 6.00pm with all the peak hour traffic, when you have to start the game with a couple of players still pulling their playing tops on as they race onto the field.  Having got underway, we botched the first inning by hitting to put runners on, and then having a bit of a mix-up between bases to score nil.  They made us pay by scoring immediately, and our hitting dried up, continually giving the opposition pitcher - Talbot - who is no slouch, an easy go of it by not making him work at all.  Gary was keeping them under control all the while with the help of the defence, which didn't do too much wrong.  The Cards then belted one over one of the tiny boundary fences into the gloomy evening, and they got a couple of unearned runs at the end.  Hits   -   a dismal four, after getting only three the previous week in another twilight.  Jesse Toepfer, Dylan Child, Gary Owens, John Schultz one each   Last Sunday was so different - heaps of hits.  Gary Owens started and Liam Mullen finished.

DIVISION ONE and DIVISION TWO both had a bye this weekend.

DIV THREE unfortunately lost by one run 6-7, but the good news is that the hard working boys from DIV FOUR notched up an impressive win 13-2 win.  Well done fellas.  DIV SIX went down to Glenelg, and they are having a rough trot at the moment, not quite living up to their early season promise.  But the story of the week belongs to the guys and gals from DIV SEVEN, who not only dragged eleven runs off the other mob, but had Nick Preece belt one over the fence for a three run home-run - our first Divvy Seven homer.  Well done! In the juniors, the U17 team won 8-3 over the Redsox and looked good in doing so.  Both U15 teams were well beaten, but not before Jack Higginbotham lit up the diamond with a huge home run.  The U13's had a meritorious 15-7 win against Southern Districts, and Dave Gray's winning combination (U11) went on their way, recording an 18-17 win over Kensington, a game in which all the kids made solid contributions, and Lucas, a first-gamer, pulled his weight and did some useful things.  Although no scores are recorded in the Under Nine comp, I am reliably informed that they "smashed 'em" int the game at Adelaide Angels. 

Any information from games would be appreciated  -  0416 146 169

19th & 20th November

DIVISION ONE - V Adelaide Wednesday evening at DSP. Draw 1-1

Pity we couldn't come away with the win 'cause it would have kept us equal top. We can easily settle for second at this stage of the season and look forward to the remaining games. Gary started, and it was 1-2-3 in the first, and then we put people on but didn't trouble the Adam Lodge scoreboard until the third when Toepfer hit, Troy Nicho hit and Gary had a fly ball dropped to see Schultzy step up and get a walk. The Angels equaled in the fifth, and we staved off loaded bases twice to record the draw. Jordy Grose was terrific as the finisher and only three hits recorded, namely Jesse Toepfer, Troy Nicholson and Gary Owens.

DIVISION ONE - V East Torrens Sunday 20.11.16 at Payenham WIN 17-12

What a crazy game. We were comfortably up in the third 14-0. The Redsox got six in a hurry,and continued to belt the ball to all sections of the park. Not bad pitching from Jacko, just a step up by the opposition. There were heaps of highlights, you had to be there to see the sensational catch at centre field by guess who ? Gary Owens, that even had the Redsox fans applauding. "Welcome Back Weiny" smashed a GSHR in only his second at bat for the season, and Kuhna just knocked up hitting doubles in both Ones and Twos until the dreaded hammy tear put him on the sidelines. It was getting a bit close at one stage, but thanks to our fantastic start and the calmness of Jordy Grose at the end, we prevailed. Injuries are a bit of a worry at the moment, with Dylan Child, Wade Moore (both Catchers) on the sidelines, John Schultz restricted to D/H duties, and many others looking for ice-packs. It must be said that all players today contributed to the win at various stages. A win under adversary. Hits : Gary Owens, John Schultz, Dayle Child, Jesse Toepfer 2, Nick Kuhn, Troy Weinert (GSHR), Troy Nicholson, Liam Huppatz 1.

DIVISION TWO - V East Torrens Sunday 20.11.16 at Payenham WIN 7-5

Really shaky start, with the pitcher not on his game, and a nervous junior catcher trying to find his feet in the big time for his first ever start. Remember, our catching stocks are short at the moment. Confidence grew in both of them, and after the batters gave them heart - especially Kuhna who ripped two doubles in his three hits, things settled down, and after we drew level at 5-5 a Jesse Toepfer swipe scored two for the win. Perseverance paid off with Matt Muegge finishing off his stint on the mound in much better shape and young Lee Tape contributing with the bat and in the outfield. AC (we all know who I mean) finished off with aplomb. and the hits were Nick Kuhn 3, Nat Nicholson ,and Knudson 1, who took over the catching duties manfully later in the game.


Div 3 - epic come from behind win after giving up 11 early runs. I could hear the cheers from the Golf Club - what a win.


Divs 4,6,7 - no wins here. The Div 6 boys had to go back to school at Seaton High to play their game, and apparently learnt nothing. I'm still looking for Liam Mullen, the umpire at the Div 7 game who struck out Tim. Watch your back mate.


U19 - Had a loss, but the surprise was that the U17 team lost after being in control, going down 8-9. Get 'em next time boys, you have a powerful team.


Will try to update junior results at a later date when i get some information.


12th & 13th November

Once again, plenty of baseball to reflect upon this week  Our first was a reasonably easy win in the Div One against Southern Districts on Tuesday evening 8/9/16. We got runs from runners on bases, thank goodness, because this has been a bit of a worry recently. Umps ejected two of theirs, makes a change from previous weeks, We really should not worry about the umps, but they seem to be imposing themselves in a degree that I have never seen before.  WIN 5-2 . Dushan started, relieved by Matty Austin, and hits came from Matty Austin, Dylan Child, Nick Kuhn 2, Liam Huppatz 1.

The next game was the following night in the U19's against Goodwood, and we should have really knocked them off, but gave up an early lead to lose 5-8.  Jack Higginbotham and Troy Nicholson knocked in two hits each, and Joe Papps, Liam Mullens and Jack Clark got one each.

Sunday 13/11/16.     V     West Torrens     Div One     WIN  7-6.

The lovely people who were lucky enough to attend the first luncheon of the Senators 5023 Club were not only treated to a great meal and two very entertaining guest speakers, namely John Platten and our last Premiership Coach John Galloway and saw a nail biting finish to a fantastic game between strong adversaries.  It went to ten innings, and it took until the the unlikely bat of Dushan Ruzic, who  poked one over the infield to score the wining run to get the home crowd in raptures. Jackson Lodge pitched seven really steady innings for the win, seeing off four from Eagles. Sorry, don't have any hits, got a bit excited at the finish - didn't we all.

The classy U 17' s defeated the cocky West Torrens 9- 2 in a powerfull display of great defensive and offensive  ball. A great lead -up to State reps for these youngsters.

It was a  big day, as I said before, so no junior results.  


5th & 6th November

Got lots of results from the week just gone - Tuesday night, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.  it's sort of like a mini MLB (without the $'s) Very busy times, but we love it.

Firstly, Div One lost to Sturt on a cold Tuesday night on the road 3-7, then went down to Henley & Grange on a freezing Friday night at West Beach 0-4, Div Two defeated Henley & Grange 6-3 on Sunday, Div Three drew 10-10 on Saturday, Div Four lost as did Div Seven (although they managed five runs off the other mob) and Div Six had a good come from behind win away over Sturt.  As for the juniors on Sunday, the U17 showed their superior class in a grand display in winning 8-0 with the travelling tribe from up the river looking the goods augmenting our locals, both U15